Easy-Peasy Last Minute Mother's Day Brunch Ideas

A friend of mine recently bought tickets to his hometown to visit his mother on mother’s day. It would have been the cutest gift ever until he realized he bought tickets one week too late—that’s right, a whole week! Now I’m not saying all of you have dropped the ball quite like him but maybe you’ve been working late, traveling a lot, saving the planet—whatever it is, if you need a cute gift in a pinch, homemade meals! We’ve rounded up our favorite vegan recipes that we know your momma will love!


If she’s more into sweets….

Check out this delicious recipe and it’s so fast and easy. I mean who hasn’t made french toast before? Well you haven’t made it like this, trust us the bananas will really bring this french toast up to the ultimate brunch dish.


If' she’s more into salty…

Give your mom a daily breakfast staple but with a twist! Not only do we love a good tofu scramble but we love a good sweet and spice combo (did you see those caramelized onions?!).

Pro Tip: sprinkle some smoked paprika onto your sweet potatoes before roasting for more smoky flavor.


If you have very few ingredients…

Avo toast is the probably one of the most popular breakfast items and topping it off with a fancy sauce will take random ingredients to start dish!

Pro Tip: you can substitute the sauce for a chimichurri sauce or even last week’s tomatillo sauce!