Welcome to Ivy & Stone

Ivy & Stone is a digital media brand focused on lifestyle, travel and sustainability. It’s your one-stop shop for day-to-day advice, affordable ethical brands, plant-based recipes, eco-friendly travel guides, and holistic wellness tips. We want to answer any and all questions you have in regards to living a more conscious lifestyle, but you’ll never catch us suggesting your efforts aren’t enough, no matter the extent. We believe that making purposeful decisions should be easy, affordable, and for everyone- because a lot of small actions can make a big impact.

Meet the Team


Samantha Ruiz

Sam is a content creator whose passion for sustainability grew from her love for travel. The knowledge that small actions can make a big impact sparked her desire to live a more conscious lifestyle and to inspire others to do the same. She uses engaging content and an approachable voice to tell important stories about culture, communities and this place we call home. You can follow her daily musings on Instagram, @samisfierce.


Alyssa johnson

Alyssa is a storyteller and content creator drawn to all things adventure. Her passion for holistic wellness, yoga, and cultural immersion have taken her through 30 countries around the world- and counting! Learning about the rapidly deteriorating state of our planet’s marine life sparked her initial determination to now lead a more conscious and eco-friendly lifestyle and help others do the same. Follow her personal ventures on Instagram, @alyssanow.


Natasha Verdon

Natasha is a web developer and anthropologist focusing on food culture and gender and sexuality studies. She travels the world in her search to learn about international cooking traditions. Always trying to live a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle, she’s constantly looking for ways to reduce her carbon footprint as she continues her journey around the world. Now, she’s sharing her tips and tricks along the way on Instagram, @natashajoann.